What is your favourite winter activity?

Hey Kangaroos and Diamonds,

Who doesn’t love the winter time? In sunny Australia, we are slowly closing in to the winter and dare I say, I am excited for it. It’s the time of year to curl up in your pjs as you listen to the world outside.

Today, I will be talking about my favourite winter activity.

Ice Skating.

Photo by Gantas Vaiu010diulu0117nas on Pexels.com

I adore ice skating. The feeling of the ice against your blades as you glide across it. Simply wondrous.

Though, I did manage to get hypothermia from it once. It all happened when I was trying to lift my leg whilst going backwards and fell over. I ended up in shock. The rest of it is a bit hazy but I was dragged off the ice, unable to move. Mum quickly rang the ambulance. The ambulance drivers joked “We know you are alive because you are talking to us, but on our machines says you are dead.” That’s how frozen I was.

I started ice skating at an early age but quit before I could make it to the harder levels. In fact, one of my goals for next year is to get back into ice skating.

Who else has done ice skating? Let me know in the comments

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