50 Bucket List Ideas in 2021

Hey Kangaroos and Diamonds,

Today I will be talking about 50 ideas to add to your bucket list in 2021.

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com
  1. Change your name legally
  2. Plant a tree and give back to nature
  3. Go on a week long cruise
  4. Attend the Olympics
  5. Swim in the major oceans and seas
  6. Go on a spontaneous holiday
  7. Go sky diving
  8. Go canyoning
  9. Participate in a 5K run
  10. Participate in a new sport
  11. Swim with dolphins and whales
  12. Start a blog
  13. Start yoga/meditation classes
  14. Find the job you love
  15. Write a book/ebook
  16. Write a poetry collection
  17. Master a new work related skill every year
  18. Complete a community college level degree
  19. Complete an undergraduate degree
  20. Complete a post graduate degree
  21. Get a pixie cut
  22. Get pierced
  23. Get a tattoo
  24. Get a fish pedicure
  25. Get to your ideal weight and stick with it
  26. Go to a drive in and watch a movie
  27. Go to an aquarium
  28. Go to the zoo
  29. Go skiing
  30. Eat every cuisine out there
  31. Hit 100K on insta
  32. Hit 100K on Pinterest
  33. Buy a house
  34. Buy a boat
  35. Adopt a pet
  36. Volunteer to give back to society
  37. Visit every country
  38. Visit every continent
  39. Save six months in savings
  40. Set up your own home office
  41. Learn a new instrument
  42. Learn a new language
  43. Name a star
  44. Give blood
  45. Have a mud bath
  46. Visit a spa
  47. Sing in front of a large audience
  48. Change someone’s life for the better
  49. Save someone’s life
  50. Attend a music festival