The Updated Scheme of this Blog

Hey Kangaroos and Diamonds,

When I first started this blog, I had a different type of ideas for this blog. After careful consideration, at least for now. This blog’s content for the next few months will entail;

  1. Quote of the Day- I really enjoy finding these quotes for you guys. It’s like seeing little tad bits of history. I have always found quotes comforting through the hard times.
  2. A weekly biology piece on Sundays- I love the study of biology so I am going to study this year on it. It will be like a condensed set of notes on a subject.
  3. A weekly interesting fact
  4. Every so often a short story piece
  5. Every so often a list of things- I enjoy creating those lists a lot, especially the 50 lot ones.
  6. And some random things as well. This may be manga, animals, the world around, news commentary etc.

I may add to to this but this is set for now. At least for February, there will be no added challenges to this list. There will be an updated scheme for March.

Thankyou so much for supporting this blog. Every view and like is appreciated immensely. Thankyou also to those who follow this blog.

And as always, stay safe and have fun.