Broken Bones

Hey Kangaroos and Diamonds,

Today I will be sharing a short story I wrote recently. I want this platform to ignite a community of readers and writers as I adore stories. Share below links to your own stories. I would love to read them.

You had never learnt the lesson before of how a dog bites back. Sinking its poised fangs into your flesh, ripping it piece by piece until there was nothing but bone. Smashed sinew lay in your wounds and yet… you would reach your hand out to pat its head.

Finding it bruised and broken in the alleyway, you approached it slowly. With gentle words and a friendly smile, little piece by piece.  At first it was a hello, then to ask for help, until little bit by little bit, you both let each other into your lives. Friendly smiles, and stories of your past as the streams of life slowly trickled into each other.

You ignored the fleas and decay of time. The smell of the past nipping at your nostrils like living death as he told you his stories at midnight under the stars. You knew how the dog could bite but you only saw the scars under the fur. They were like war wounds. Deep and ridged. You had no idea how far they reached.

The stern warnings of your father played in your head as he told you not to trust the dog. It would rip you apart to save his own skin he would say. Slamming the door behind him, you didn’t hear the muttering under his breath. That his daughter was in love with the dog that had bit him once before. You didn’t believe that this gentle creature you had gotten to know would hurt you.

You should’ve listened.

Little bit by little bit, the streams grew into rivers. Outings to the beach and to places you had never seen. Gentle touches led into kisses as the dog turned into a man.

A man you could trust. A man you kept close to your heart. He sang all the right songs, confessing his love and smothering you with it. For once in your life, you felt at peace and in his arms, you whispered the melodies close to your heart.

You fell in so deep like the ocean, not realising you were drowning with every lie he told. The gentle touches on your cheek were poison. Deliberate and purposeful. It slowly suffocated you alive.

As the months lay past, your parents warnings played on your ears as you started to sink. You sank deeper and deeper until you couldn’t see the surface anymore. Blinded by the darkness, anxiety gripped at your edges leading to despair. You thought to yourself, “At least I have him there”.

Until he let you go.

You floundered for air, reaching and pulling at the darkness. Confusion and terror filled your senses as you hoped and prayed for him to return. He never did. Even when you begged and screamed at the darkness, nothing answered your silence.

By the time you pulled yourself out of the water, the man was not there anymore. You searched for months for him, waiting for your love to return. You bargained and traded yourself, asking over and over why he had left, until… you found the dog in the alleyway once more.

He looked the same as before. Broken and beaten. The only thing had changed was a new woman was caring for him. He sang the same words to her until he saw you staring there. Slowly trotting over, the woman stared at you curiously but your eyes were staring at the dog.

“She’s been helping me,” he said to you, “I think it’s best we stop.”

Helping? You thought. It was only then you realised the tale of broken dogs. It was sympathy and a someone to warm his bed at night he only saw in you. Tears flooded your cheeks as you simply nodded, realising…

He never saw a future in you.

The memories you had slowly began to corrupt. Of his intentions and love. Anger swept through your body like a knife, slashing at the edges.

“But why?” you cried, “But why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

He shrugged, “You just was throwing yourself at me. What was I supposed to do?”

Turning away, you looked to the other end of the alleyway. Light filtered in like a cloak, enveloping your senses. Quicker than lightening, you ran, far, far away from the dog. Away from the tears and panic that streamed through your cheeks. Incomplete. A failure. The thoughts raced in your mind like a drug.

Why me? Why did he have to choose me?

You stopped for a moment. Your heart fluttering with terror as you knew.

Broken dogs band together.

Falling to your knees, the tears flew down your cheeks like rain. Howling to the sun above, you slam your fists into the ground.


Complete and utter failure.

Till you heard a small gentle bark. Looking around, a small set of shaggy brown fur approached you. Its green eyes staring through the darkness. You would not let yourself be treated again twice.

“Go away!” you scream, snapping at the bundle of fur, “Just go away!”

The mutt approached anyways, its head cocked to the side, “Now that’s no way to say hello to a stranger.”

“Just go away,” you snap again. Banging your fists hard against the ground, you let out a scream of agony. For everything you’ve lost. Blinding pain shoots through your wrist as the mutt opened its fangs on to you. Sharp teeth flies through flesh, leaving nothing but bone and sinew.

You stare shocked, the blood seeping on to the cobblestone below.

The mutt stood back, proud of its work, “How else are you meant to learn?”

“Learn?” You say, your voice raw with every note burning through the last page, “You just bit me.”

“All dogs bite Lilliana, there’s no good ones here” and with that, the mutt left you. Lost and alone in the alleyway of life.