Three grounding techniques for anxiety

Hey Kangaroos and Diamonds,

Today’s topic comes with a trigger warning. I will be talking about the strains of mental illness.

It is exhausting having a mental illness that comes with psychosis. Every day is like a battlefield with your mind, slowing cusping on the edge of reality. Some days I win, some days I lose. That is completely fine to have bad days with mental illness. It is an ongoing struggle.

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So today I will be telling you three different grounding techniques that I have found to help. This may not work

  • The dropping anchor exercise– This exercise helps your body stay grounded to the earth. Your body becomes like a ship sailing in the ocean. You can find variations of it on the internet but I use an audio one given to me by my therapist.
  • Tipping your body temperature– Basically, dunk your head into some cold water. It really does work. This comes with the DBT trick of TIP. Tip your body temperature, intense exercise, paced breathing. I use hand cream to tip my body temperature.
  • Five thing you can see, five things you can see, five things you can touch and then feel them at once- This helps keeps you together in the room if your mind keeps wandering to another place. This one helps me a lot if I am not experiencing psychosis.