List your three biggest fears

Hey Diamonds and Kangaroos,

Today’s journal topic is fear. What is fear and how does it define us? Is it something that is only imaginary or is it something genuine? I actually have schizophrenia and unlike what the television will tell you, an enormous part of this condition for me is fear.

So my three biggest fears are;

Spiders- I hate spiders. Hate them. I see these tiny buggers and I run screaming to the other side of the house. I just cannot stand them. Ever since I was a child, it scared the living crap out of me. I don’t know what it is about spiders but… yuck. Ugh. It makes me flinch even seeing the picture below

Someone coming to get me and hurt me in my house– Unfortunately this is part of my psychosis. I have a chronic fear that someone will come to my house and hurt me. I fear going outside. I fear cars and everything in between. This started earlier this year when a few bad things happened and ever since… It just is absolutely frightening to live like this

Heights- Can’t stand heights for the life of me. I just imagine myself falling to my death at the edge. I rock climb on a regular basis and this has become my Achilles heel. Does anyone else’s skin just prickle up just seeing this image?

So that’s this week’s journal prompt. Tell me your fears in the comments. I will be very interested to hear them.