Do you believe in ghosts? Why?

Hey Kangaroo and Diamonds,

It is Day 1 of my challenge for “50 Journal Topics in 50 Days” and you may be wondering, “Kanga, why aren’t you starting from the beginning?”. I will be picking and choosing random ones that most entice me first and go from there. I actually had a conversation about this to a friend.

She believed she has seen ghosts from an early age. So it inspired me to write this today.

If you haven’t seen Ghost Hunt the anime, I highly recommend watching it.

Short answer is no. I don’t believe in ghosts.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not one of those doubters that think people who believe in ghosts are searching for air.

You see, I am atheist. I don’t believe there is an after from all of the life we get. Sure I have watched “Ghost Hunt” the anime and even seen “Buzzfeed: Supernatural”. However, I just do not believe in that the dead soul’s are forced to stay in the life we got.

I have seen the evidence. There are signs of something in those ghost making content you see on youtube, but who is to say they are ghosts or demons? It could be something else entirely. We just will never know until we die.

If we look at it from a biology standpoint. Ghosts don’t make sense. Cells arise from pre-existing cells and these pre-existing cells must exist for life to exist. There is no life after death so it begs the question, how do ghosts function at all biologically? If you ghouls out there know, leave it in the comments, I am highly curious to know.

I guess because I am atheist, it is quite a pessimistic view on the matter after all. I believe we are all worm food after death and that’s it.

We only get this life and the people in it. I believe we don’t get to haunt past our expiry date. Though, there are a few people I would love to haunt if I died. If I believed in ghosts, I would believe in you get to haunt your greatest enemies than the establishment by which you died.

Anyways though, that’s my journal topic for today. If you believe in ghosts, let me know. I would be highly interested to know why. Follow this blog if you are interested in my next journal topic.

And as always, stay safe and have fun.