My 17 Goals for 2021

Hey Kangaroos and Diamonds,

Today I will be talking about my goals for 2021. These goals are personal to me but I think by posting them to the internet, it will keep me a bit accountable.

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So here are my goals for 2021. Some goals I am keeping secret till the end of the year for a surprise. I will be doing a yearly wrap up at the end of the year so let’s see how I go with these goals. Let me know below about some of your goals

  1. Get a pixie cut
  2. Bleach my hair and dye it bright purple
  3. Change my name legally
  4. Focus on self care and self love
  5. Keep running this blog smoothly all year
  6. Start growing social media like Pinterest for the blog
  7. Write the rough draft of that novel that has been swimming in your head for years
  8. Complete 20 diamond paintings
  9. Complete five scarves
  10. Read 20 books
  11. Read 5 manga series
  12. Focus on mental health and stick to all medical appointments
  13. No alcohol all year
  14. Journal every day
  15. Learn Japanese to a N5 level
  16. Learn guitar to a beginner level
  17. Just live life to the fullest