What a crazy year 2020 has been: Three Life Lessons I learnt in 2020

Hello world,

It is Kangaroo Diamonds and man, it has been such a crazy year. Ups and downs further than the eye can see or dream. Full of moments and lessons which has helped my new mindset for 2021.

Here are a few life lessons I learnt in 2020;

Mental health is extreme important

In late 2020, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. This happened after a bout of psychosis that led me to be hospitalized. As I sat in the hospital, seeing shadow monsters that weren’t there, a few things dawned on me… Your mental health is worth so much more than anything else in this world. The ability to see the world clearly is priceless.

I deleted my social media and I realized I had so much more time on my hands than I thought I did. Every day it felt like I was dragged my feet through the mud and it was gaining weight with every step. I felt as though I was drowning.

I never realised how important it was to not run yourself into the ground until I had my psychosis episode. It was frightening.

Remember to engage in self care and utilise freedom away from social media.

In 2021, take care of yourself reader.

Friends will come and go but family is forever

I used to be one of those people who never believed blood is thicker than water. However, if you have family that is sticking by you, hold on to them for dear life. I used to take advantage of the fact I had a good supporting family. It wasn’t until I was in the mental hospital did I realise how much my family actually loved me.

All those friends I used to put first before family wasn’t there, it was my parents and siblings that visited me. That was a big wake up call. When I got out, my friends were starting drama and all these things but it was my family taking care of me and I am so appreciative that they did.

Whoever you consider family, keep them close in 2021.

Sometimes life will just throw you some pain

Unfortunately I learnt this lesson quite harshly in 2021. I won’t throw you some bull saying that it made me a stronger and wiser person. It just made me realise that life isn’t some wish granting factory. That sometimes, we are dealt some bad cards.

And that is completely fine.

We aren’t meant to win all the time. We aren’t meant to have this amazing wonderful life with this stunning backdrop to society. We just live the life, the way we can and that is okay.

In 2021, have good support networks and just see where life takes you.

That’s all folks. Whatever plans you have in 2021, I hope you reach them to the stars and back. I wish you all the best in the coming year.