My Top 3 Favourite Diamond Art Companies

Hey Diamonds, how are we this Christmas Eve?

I love diamond art. It is one of the best hobbies I have ever gotten into. The way it can wrap you into its grasp for hours have made it such a timely hobby. Over the year since I have started, I have ordered from many companies.

Today, I am going to list my top three.

I will also give some examples of pictures they have on their website. Most of these images I have either purchased or done as diamond art.

Diamond Dotz

Diamond Dotz is such a classic in the diamond art genre. Yes, it is a tad more expensive than your average aliexpress but you can’t beat the quality of these pieces. I love most of the wolf and dragon paintings in this collection.

Diamond Art Club

To say I love this brand is an understatement. My whole house is filled with Diamond Art Club. The quality is amazing and they are always having discounts galore. Never had a bad moment with the customer service either. My favourite artist on this website is Mandie Manzano.

Treasure Studios Art

Treasure Studios Art is actually a newer brand I have started purchasing on. Their designs are heaps different from both companies previously mentioned. I have started their Halloween Secrets which I adore. Highly recommended.